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Genuine Spare Parts: quality of the original, available on demand

The Putzmeister brand of reliability comes from almost 60 years of experience, innovation and research. Choosing a genuine spare is an investment in a legacy of proven quality, the kind that never lets you down. High performance, safety, authenticity and durability tested, genuine parts are guaranteed to sustain wear and tear in the roughest conditions. And it’s delivered on time, to your needs, wherever in the world you are. But that's not all. We offer protection over and above the minimum legal requirements, so you can be assured of the safety of your people and business at all times.

Why Use Genuine Spares: safer for your people, better for your projects

At Putzmeister, our replacement parts are manufactured with the same degree of care, precision and quality checks as the original. Thus, while our machines are engineered to minimise breakdown and service issues, in the rare event a part needs to be replaced; our customers may rest easy that the replacement will be as reliable and efficient as the original. Simply put: Our high quality genuine parts optimise the performance of your equipment and give it a longer service life. This means you have to deal with lesser maintenance and fewer repairs, resulting in shorter downtime and reduced operating costs. Most importantly, it ensures maximum safety for operators and personnel at job sites. Available in 120 countries, Putzmeister genuine parts are delivered with maximum outreach in minimum possible time. In other words, no matter where your work site is located, we will reach you.


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